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10 Places in Serbia That Look Like They’ve Been Taken Out of Fairy Tales

Finally we have found evidence that fairy tales do exist. You don’t believe us? All the more reason to look at the photographs of the fairy tale places in Serbia which we have prepared for you. Enjoy!

From the fascinating wonders of nature, beautiful lakes, over exciting mountains and valuable medieval monasteries, to amazing parks and unique gorges… In Serbia there are many places that look “as if they were taken from the most beautiful fairy tale.” These are just some of them!

1. Topčider Park, lungs of Belgrade

Meet one of the major locations for relaxation, picnics and fresh air for the citizens of Belgrade – Topčider Park!

The oldest park in Belgrade is located on the lush Topčider hill which greenery hides the Topčider River.

In this idyllic scenery Serbian Prince Miloš Obrenović built his residence that later became the Palace of the Principality of Serbia, today a part of the Museum of Serbian History.

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Topčider has remained a favorite picnic-site of Belgraders due to its extraordinary nature, historical significance and restaurants of traditional cuisine.

2. Đerdap Gorge, the magical combination of nature and culture

Spreading at over 63,000 acres of plant and animal abundance of priceless value and beauty, Đerdap National Park is also known as the Iron Gates of the Danube. Gorges, canyons, river valleys and over thousand caves of extraordinary beauty are hidden on the right bank of the river, from the Golubac fortress to the ancient fort of Diana.

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The beauty and all natural, animal and cultural wealth of the Iron Gates Gorge cannot be fully described, so it is best to see for yourself the magical compounds of this Danubian gem and enjoy Europe’s most attractive and largest gorge.

3. Prskalo Waterfall, the hidden jewel of Resava

If you ever had the chance to visit the Resava region, the kind people of Despotovac and the surrounding villages probably took you on a tour of the Buk waterfall, the Resava cave and the Manasija monastery. And we’re sure you enjoyed it. However, many people simply omit from their tour a hidden jewel and one of the most unusual natural occurrences on Kučaj – the Prskalo waterfall.

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The next time you’re enjoying the enchanting Resava region, don’t forget to include this phenomenon in your itinerary. The magic of water and limestone, peace, tranquility and lush nature await you!

4. Uvac Canyon, a nature’s masterpiece

Compound of unreal meanders that nature carved in a miraculous way, and the most beautiful color of crystal clear waters of Uvac Lake, will quickly introduce you to the magic of this special reservation. Forget about all of your problems, hear the sounds of nature and enjoy the unspoiled natural wealth…

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Special charm to this beautiful canyon of the river, give the curving meanders of the river Uvac. These are a natural convolutions that are made due to many years of the river punching trough the limestone rock. Meanders of the river Uvac resemble a maze, and in some places turns at an angle of 270 degrees. They seem unreal, like all the works of the patient builders, from which the nature is the very best.

5. Ovčar-Kablar Gorge, Serbian Mount Athos

Thanks to the marvelous flow of the untamable river West Morava, the dense vegetation that adorns the mountains Ovčar and Kablar, therapeutic springs and monasteries which are scattered on the their slopes, Ovčar – Kablar Gorge is one of the most beautiful parts of Serbia, whose magnificent nature attracts the mind and soothes the spirit.

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In order to experience adrenalin flowing through your veins, fresh air that gives power and excitement which offers the view of one of the most picturesque gorges, you need to visit this part of Serbia and see this for yourself. Yet another reason for you to come is the medieval monasteries that are hidden on the slopes of steep mountain ranges.

6. Krupaj hot spring, an ecological oasis

In eastern Serbia, in the foothill of Beljanica, lie true gems of nature which, on first thought, can be found only in fairy tales. Even though Homolje itself is a well-known ecological oasis, the Krupaj springs is still considered a rare and unique occurrence in nature.

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“Krupajsko vrelo” was declared a natural monument by the Republic of Serbia. This decision was based on the Environmental Protection Law which confirmed that Krupajsko Fount should be considered a natural region of enormous importance, not only because of its geomorphological structure, but because of its hydrological function, as well as outstanding geological features.

7. Drina River, a wild emerald beauty

For centuries a place where the East and the West clashed, today the unusually green, clear, winding and powerful Drina river carries the merriest regattas on its waves through exciting nature, for which it became the favorite destination of bohemians and adventurists.

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The always exciting Drina is created by joining the cool and swift mountain rivers Tara and Piva near Šćepan Polje, in Montenegro. From there with all its strength it curved its path towards Bosnia and Herzegovina, and gave the towns sprouting on its banks the particular historical importance.

8. Manasija Monastery, a jewel of Serbian medieval culture

Among the green hills of the vivid Resava gorge, surrounded by magnificent towers of the medieval fortress, there is a monastery which fortification falls into the top achievements of Serbian architecture, and its frescoes into the line of greatest domains of Serbian medieval painting – Manasija Monastery.

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For over 600 years of existence, the monastery has been destroyed and ruined many times. More comprehensive restauration was done in 1956, and its renounce is still on. Manasija is a property of the Republic of Serbia and is proclaimed a Cultural Monument of great importance.

9. Lazar’s Canyon, Eastern Serbia’s deepest canyon

The canyon of the Lazar’s river, better known as Lazar’s canyon, is the most impressive canyon in Eastern Serbia. With its awe-inspiring appearance it mesmerizes absolutely everyone who sets eyes on it. Just look at it! How could anyone stand before this sight and stop their jaw from dropping?

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During the time of the Ottoman occupation, Lazar’s canyon was one of the most important hiding places of the Serbian freedom fighters (Serbian: “hajduci”) from Homolje. Entering this canyon meant salvation for them as the Turks never dared to venture here.

10. Subotica

A major cultural center in Vojvodina and one of the most beautiful cities in Serbia, Subotica was even the capital of a fairy-tale-like empire in the 16th century.

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The city has one out of total three active synagogues in Serbia, a Protestant church, numerous Roman Catholic and Orthodox churches, as well as a newly built mosque. All these temples are also the traces of its rich culture, and the nearby Palić lake offers visitors the mixture of culture and natural beauties.

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