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11 Facts That Prove India Is Even Stranger Than You Think

Everything from the beautiful to the utterly bizarre. [Read more…]

11 Real Prisons Converted into Hotels

A prison is probably the last place on Earth most of us would want to spend the night, right? Well, for some of these converted prison hotels that still holds true: in Latvia, for example, ‘guests’ who pay to stay at a former KGB jail complex are subjected to humiliation and emotional torture. In other cases, however, notoriously terrifying prisons have since become luxurious 4-star hotels where you can enjoy a stay in a former prison library or even the director’s office! Here are 11 examples from around the world that range from luxurious to downright frightening – then check out some of the world’s smallest and coolest hotel rooms. [Read more…]

11 Amazing Places You Need To Visit Once In Your Life

Everyone likes to travel, but it becomes really hard to choose a destination for your next visit. Despite the saying “It is a small world,” there is an enormous amount of opportunities to see something really exciting, and this is why choosing one destination may be a bit challenging. This makes compiling a list of 11 Amazing Places You Need To Visit Once In Your Life even tougher, but we’re up for the task. [Read more…]