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20 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Netherlands, My Homeland

I’m a travel photographer from the Netherlands. I used to get bored when I came home. Usually going to spectacular cities or sceneries, I couldn’t really appreciate the simple things in my own country.

The Netherlands is pretty basic. We do not have high mountains nor do we have high skyscrapers. Our land is totally flat, our buildings are not high and locals might think Dutch landscapes are quite boring to capture comparing to the scenery in other amazing countries. But there’s a lot to appreciate in the Netherlands. As any other country, we also have things that are unique. Think of windmills and our endless flower fields. I found ways to appreciate photography in my own country and tried to capture this beauty. These are 40 images I captured over a period of around 1 year.

I often get jealous messages on my Facebook about people that say they want to live in my country to make these beautiful photos. When I ask where are they from, it’s usually from countries like India or Myanmar. I am literally stunned. These places have so much incredible nature waiting to be captured. Especially as locals, these people have endless possibilities! That’s what I am trying to show here. Every country has unique places. Try to find your local beauty, go out, explore! [Read more…]