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This Photographer Proves Canada Can Be A Magical Place During The Winter

Stevin Tuchiwsky is a photographer based in Calgary, and has spent the last half-decade of his life traveling and telling the story of Canada’s great outdoors. His most recent photographs capture the stunning scenes of winter quietly settling in the West — and it just might make you forget, for one moment, how bleak and discouraging the season can be. [Read more…]

The Jurassic Coast Is Quite Possibly The Most Beautiful Place In England… With A Prehistoric Secret

By jove! We do declare we’ve just stumbled upon the most beautiful spot in all of England!

The Jurassic Coast spans 95 miles of pristine waterfront on the country’s southern coast. Among the rolling trails and sandy beaches, you’ll find rock formations from the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods — together, they expose some 185 million years of earth’s history.

Oh, and there are loads of fossilized dinosaur footprints, prehistoric creatures and fossil forest remains waiting to be dug up… by regular visitors like you. Who would’ve guessed these beautiful beaches might have dino bones as their hidden treasure? [Read more…]